At LHIN, we look for highly skilled, empathetic, and personable students and new grads to match the demands of our diverse array of positions. Hiring for student placements and internships, as well as new grads varies by location.

Central LHIN: Hires the occasional student, as well as new grads for nursing, team assistant and human resources roles.

Central West LHIN: Hires summer students, as well as for a small number of Master’s level internships.

South West LHIN: Accommodates student placements for Patient Care Assistants, Care Coordination, and occasionally Corporate Services, as well as new grads in nursing, patient care assistant and non-union roles.

Toronto Central LHIN: Hires a number of summer students for both career-related work experience in health care, and in developing community capacity for youths at risk or of high potential. New grads are hired in Corporate Services and Team Assistant positions.

Waterloo Wellington LHIN: Occasionally hires co-op students, as well as nursing graduates through the provincial New Nursing Graduate program.

Image showing one of LHIN's student assisting a patient.